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A compassionate person noticed Jasper tied with no shelter and minimal provisions day after day after day. The guardian was contacted and agreed to allow this man to find Jasper a better home. This is how Jasper cam to live at the CDHS shelter. Unfortunately, for many dogs, this is the life they are forced to endure. Our posting of the following article was prompted by their situation.

A family gets a healthy, playful puppy. The children and parents dote over the pup, and for the first few months of his life, he is the center of attention.

But soon the puppy grows into a large, active dog. The children lose interest and the dog ends up on a chain in the backyard. The dog is fed table scraps when anyone remembers. In summer, no one thinks to give him water. In bad weather, he has no shelter. Sometimes he's left for days at a time with nothing to eat. The dog is never walked, never exercised. Eventually, he's never even noticed.

Alone day after day, the dog becomes bored and frustrated. He barks and the neighbors complain. Passing children tease and annoy him. Because he has nothing to do, he becomes listless... and then aggressive. Finally, he has to be destroyed. And the next day, the children start begging for a puppy.

This kind of pet ownership is cruel and irresponsible. Make your pet a part of your family - for everyone's sake.