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Lost or found a pet?

Here's what to do.

Whoever encounters an untagged animal has no alternative but to assume it's a stray and the animal ends up in a pound or shelter. Whereas, if a pet has tags, one phone call can reunite them with their family. An ID tag is an instant ticket home!

According to the American Humane Association, only 17% of dogs and only 2% of cats that enter shelters are reunited with their guardians. Making sure your furry companion has the proper identification is your best defense against losing your pet.

If we all do our part, perhaps every lost pet can be successfully reunited with the people who love and miss them.

1. Contact the Central Dakota Humane Society (667-2020) to check if the animal has been reported. CDHS keeps a list of lost and found calls.
2 Contact Animal Control in both Bismarck and Mandan (Bismarck 223-1212 and Mandan 667-3455). Ask the police to see pictures of impounded animals, or the police can escort you to view impounded animals.
3 Call the local radio stations.
4 In addition to posting a notice on this site, call the Bismarck Tribune and The Finder and place an ad in the Lost and Found column. Lost and found and giveaway pets are listed for free. You can contact the Bismarck Tribune Classifieds at 701-258-6900.
5 Make lost or found pet posters. Include a picture, description and information on how to get in touch with you. Post them in store windows, grocery stores, bulletin boards and veterinarian offices.
Check with friends and neighbors. Make posters with the appropriate information and distribute them in your neighborhood.

For lost pets, in the future, make sure your pet is wearing its license/ID tag on a collar along with its rabies tag. Correct whatever problems exist in your method of confinement that allow your pet to escape and ensure that your method of confinement is humane.

If your pet needs ID tags, visit Pet tags can also be purchased/engraved instantly at both KT Animal Supply and at PetSmart.