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CDHS Trailer has new look!!

Look whats all shiny and sitting on our lot!! 

Art Goldhammer via Red Door Homes, now Verity homes donated this used horse trailer to CDHS. It was functional but in need of some make up, and thankfully someone stepped up and made it happen! Enter Ryan Jensen of R & M Auto Body Repair in Bismarck. Ryan said, “bring it over and we will see what we can do!” 

Well R & M surpassed our expectations and we now have a very nice looking, functional bumper hitch trailer we can access at a moments notice for whatever needs may arise. They even included adding our logo, and refused to let us pay them one cent! Ryan said it was an honor to do this for CDHS, but we are honored to count R & M as a friend and supporter of our cause! 

We are now better prepared for a multiple dog rescue, or can transport horses in need, or haul supplies to fundraising events in one trip. Whatever the need, we are ready and again so thankful for everyone who made this happen for CDHS. 

Please patronize these businesses that support our efforts, and let them know how much we all appreciate their generosity!