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Mrs. Beasley

Unspayed Female
Short Hair (DSH) Tabby and White

Approximate date of birth: January 2016
Origin: Stray

"If you are looking for a quiet kitty, I am your girl! However, just because I am quiet, doesn't mean I lack in the super sweet kitty department. Show me what it means to be loved, and I will show you the same."

Mrs. Beasley is an unspayed female Short Hair (DSH) Tabby and White with an approximate birth date of January 2016. She came to live at CDHS as a stray. Mrs. Beasley has tested negative for the FIV/FeLV Virus. 

Spay/Neuter charges are the adopter's responsibility and are to be completed at the Bismarck-Mandan area vet of their choice.

This animal's adoption fee is $49 and includes:
Current Vaccinations
Vet Clinic Visit
Bag of Food
Nail Trim