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Willow has come in and taken over our house as well as our hearts!

Friday (formerly known as Chloe)

I have never met a more observant, well-behaved and calm cat!

Cookie Dough and Oreo (formerly known as Alizia and Joella)

The sisters have adapted well to our family!

Milton and Little Dog Update

They are awesome dogs and are both doing great! Thanks so much for giving them a home in their time of need.


Mystic is being such a great girl!


We are lucky to have him and look forward to many years with this loyal companion!


Sasha has been a great addition to our family!


He loves to go to the dog park and run with other dogs!

Murphy and Squirrely (formerly Dakota)

They are a joy and adventure!

Phil (formerly known as Punxsutawney Phil)

Phil has been the most amazing pet ever and we are so very blessed to have him as part of our family.

Brewster (formerly Abbot)

My life with Brewster and is the best!

Letter From Priscilla

I LOVE snow!! I love to roll in it, run through it, dig in it, bury my face in it, I just love everything about snow!

Ambush 1 Year Update

Ambush fits perfectly in our little pack!

Champ (formerly known as Johann)

He seems to be loving and enjoying his new family!

Jordy and Lily (formerly Hash and Squinto)

We are so glad we kept them together because they are still such great buddies!


She has become the perfect companion to our dog Sophie and perfect for us as a family!

Leon (formerly 'Gibeon') and Rocky

We have another cat and dog in the house. We wish we could say that it was a nuisance, but these two are a great addition!!!


She is still a very shy girl but has slowly been trying to come out. She still loves her toys and you will see a picture of just how much she loves toys.

Henry (formerly known as Schroeder)

We absolutely LOVE the guy. He couldn’t be a sweeter fella!

Davey (formerly known as David)

He loves to play ball, play in the snow and go for walks!


Chalet Update

Now that I have explored everything, I LOVE living here!

Gemma Bailey (formerly known as Deli)

Gemma Bailey LOVES running around in her huge backyard!

Maci (formerly known as Tahiti)

She is our baby and is so spoiled!

Dixie (formerly known as Missy)

We have the perfect family and will always be grateful for all you do for people and pets!

Klink Update

He’s a lap dog and no longer wishes to escape!

Carl Update

I think Carl likes his new home!

Cleo (formerly known as Pascal)

She has become a wonderful addition to the family!

Xena (formerly known as Zera)

She has fit in our family perfectly and we love her to death!

Rosco (formerly known as Spar)

He has settled right into his new home and he makes us laugh every single day!

Yoshimi (formerly known as Baya)

Yoshimi (aka Baya) is doing wonderful!

Jake and Addicus (formerly known as Festus)

Addicus is a teddy bear and Jake is full of pure joy!


She is very lovable and quite talkative!

Lizzi and Marley (formerly known as Opal and Obsidian)

Lizzi and Marley are doing great!

Marley (formerly known as Marlin)

Marley is whip smart (and very crafty in getting what he wants)!


Over this past year she has gotten more vocal and loves to play!

Blaze (formerly known as Worf)

I love to eat, and mother says I am getting to be a very big boy!

Big Boy (formerly known as Ailbe)

Thanks for nursing him to health, CDHS, we are grateful for him!


He is a wonderful, loving, bouncy, happy dog!

Loki (formerly known as Pepe)

We fell in love with him from the start!

Simon Josephine

She still loves licking my face all the time!

Akira Rose (formerly known as Mara)

Akira Rose and Amy think they are "all that"!

Katie Cuddles (formerly known as Sterling) and Kalina

I am so blessed to have been chosen, not once, but twice at CDHS!


The kids love her and she definitely keeps us safe!

Snaffy (formerly known as Scarlett)

What a spoiled Kitty and a fuzz ball!

Clyde (formerly known as Ethan Hunt)

Clyde fits in perfectly and we love him!


He has become the “Kissing Bandit”


He is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't be happier!


I can explore a huge house where I can sit with mommy, dad and big brother!


She has quickly caught on to the spoiled life here!

Sabrina (formerly known as Portia)

She’s a bit of a “bed hog,” despite being so small!

Otis and Franklin (formerly known as Blackie)

They are such a great addition to our household!

Bella (formerly known as Brittany)

She is simply the sweetest kitty ever!

Anna Albertina Caroline (formerly known as Caroline)

She is doing wonderful and loves her brothers!


I'm happy he gets to enjoy the rest of his life in our family!

Loki and Tucker (formerly Pepe and Krumel)

Both Loki and Tucker were so lucky to have the wonderful staff at the Humane Society taking care of them!

Chub (formerly known as Ronald) and Ziggy

Chub (aka Ronald) and Ziggy are getting along great!

Chester and Cherry

Chester and Cherry are enjoying their new family and home!

Lacey (formerly known as Frozen)

She is extremely loving and still loves cuddling!


She loves to play ball and is really good at catching it mid-air!


He's already spoiled and almost exclusively sleeps on what has now become "Charlie's Couch"!

Pongo (formerly known as Iggy)

We can't imagine life without this guy!


She is such a sweetheart and loves her cuddle time every morning and night!

Bella (formerly known as Macroon)

We're happy to have her too. She's been a joy!


My favorite things to do are to sleep on my Twins fleece blanket, play with my many toys and hop into bed after the humans have gone to sleep for attention!


Her happy little face is wonderful to see in the morning!

Marty (formerly known as Glenn)

I'm enjoying my new place, lots of windows & sunbeams!

Shadow (formerly known as Padre)


It’s hard to imagine life without our Rousey!


She is soooo loved!

Josie (formerly known as Joplin)

Thank you guys so much for taking such great care of her before she came to her "fur-ever home!"


We couldn't be happier with O'rion as our family!

Spook and Tahoe

We are 3 peas in a furry little pod!

Bear (formerly known as Titan)

I'm so glad Bear chose us!

Masa (formerly known as Pennywise)

He loves his naps and sleeping in funny positions

Buddy (formerly known as Atlas)

As our only child, he is spoiled rotten already!

Avery and Bandolero

They now run through the bedroom - living room - kitchen and back again playing tag!


We have the best toys and best treats!

Phoebe (formerly known as Criolla)

She is our baby and very loved and spoiled!

Mr. Theodore (formerly known as Butternut)

He enjoys playing, napping, cuddling and eating!


He has become one of the most cuddly dogs!

Orbit Update

I still love snuggles and sun!

Cooper (formerly known as Jester)

Cooper absolutely loves to run around the yard and play!


She is truly my best friend!

Annie (formerly known as Kate)

I have to be beside my "mom" at all times of the day and night!

Sophie and Sam (formerly known as Andrea and Raphael)

Our much-loved 7 month old kittens are thriving!

Yuna and Lycus

They're doing well!

Cleopatra and Zahra (formerly known as Ink and Thor)

They are treated like the Egyptian goddesses they are named after!

The purr-fect cat

Thanks to the Humane Society, my family is now complete!

Bravo (Braeburn)

I am doing great and growing like a weed.

Kimba and Zuri

On Friday, it was exactly a year since we went to live with our new family, so we thought we'd send you an update!

Brothers Forever

Settling in nicely in their forever home.

Update on Raul

He is always full of energy and ready to play.


He is very good with our kids and fits right in at home.

Our Little Man

Davey is a bundle of energy but so much fun!

Diva (Godiva)

She likes to be outdoors, ride in the car in her car seat, go fishing on the pontoon (she has her own life jacket) , go for a swim, play "get the ball" and go for walks.

Flash aka Moby is an awesome addition to our family!

Flash has also passed his Canine Good Citizen and Love On A Leash test and is now working on his hours to be a therapy dog.


I am definately his Daddy in his his eyes. He runs to the door and greets me every time I come home, as soon as I sit down he is on my lap, and when I am busy and he needs attention he will meow until I pick him up and hold him like a baby (that is his favorite).

Jefferson Hennessy

He has followed our other dog (Ella)'s lead quite well and that has made the transition very easy.

Our kitty has the new name Azura

Azura still uses her blankie that was sent home with her from the humane society, but has also become a regular fixture on any open lap. She is such a great addition to our household and we think she really loves it here. Thanks so much for matching us with the perfect new member of our family!

Craig has a new Nickname

He is such a mama's boy, he follows me wherever I go. He is very affective and adorable, he loves to snuggle.

Ambush 4 Month Update

She loved the other 3 dogs almost immediately and frequently snuggles up with them to sleep. She is so curious and so smart, watching everything that goes on around her. She has had to learn a lot in our busy house full of dogs and people coming and going.

Digger is such a happy dog!

He absolutely loves when we get company or if we visit my family, which is usually weekly.

Leopold and Stotch

They LOVE to lounge on the bed together and watching Animal Planet...

Godiva is Making Progress

She is such a clown and such a joy to have around.

Update on Piper

He breaks the cats up any time he even thinks they are going to fight.


He follows me everywhere I go and sleeps right next to me!

Razi and the Beauty Salon

I could go on and on about how much we love her...

Update on Julius

It only took him a few days to adjust to our home and we found that he is a very happy cat that loves to play with his toys and sit in my lap.

Letter from Priscilla

I know I was somewhat “challenging” to find a home for but when you picked one for me you sure did find a good one!

Father - Daughter Team Have Settled in Great

We are truly blessed they chose us and feel as if it was truly meant to be!! Thank you!!

Sofie (Chena) is doing great!!

She is such special addition to our family and I can not even remember what life was like without her!!!!

Pippa is Doing Well

She's a sweet, gentle, wonderful little cat! We've renamed her "Guinan" after Whoopi Goldberg's character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. She has the right personality! :)

Eleanor is Doing Great!

From our first visit with Eleanor it was clear to us that she would fit very well with our family.

Thor's new family

Thor, formerly known as Munich has adapted very well to our home and family.

Maddie is healthy and loving

We adopted our lovely kitty in early August and have enjoyed her every moment since she came home.

Bravo in his new digs!

He has been very cuddly and loving and talkative, and I think his legs have grown longer even since yesterday.


She is a crazy little girl that has energized our whole household.

She Ambushed Our Hearts

We are so thankful for everyone who took care of her and got her ready to come to us. I am so happy with her and I know she is going to do just fine. I can’t wait to see her progress in her 2nd week with us. Thank you CDHS, what an incredible thing you do with the animals that come to you!

Angel is Doing Well

Angel (formerly known as Fortunata) has been doing well. Enclosed are some pictures of her asleep on our couch and asleep in Gretchen's arms.

Truly Best Friends

They sleep in the same cat bed and will eat their food out of the same dish at the same time. They groom each other and even share their toys with each other. They have brought so much joy to our lives and we feel very lucky to have them.

Dunkaroo Turns 1!

Dunkaroo celebrated his 1 year birthday on November 2. Dunkaroo had a big birthday party with kids, family, friends and 4 other dogs. He had a great time! His older dog brother Buddy just loves him! They do everything together from eating, playing, sleeping and walking side by side during walks.

Her True Name is Scout

Your former ward "Sunflower" is enjoying settling in with me and the other big girls. She has now divulged to me her true name and it is "Scout."

"Al" Renamed "Mr. Magic"

He is a wonderful companion and such a lap kitty. If he is not in my lap, he is talking to us telling his story.

Learning Quickly

Jackson’s been home for 3 weeks now and things are going great. He is off leash most of the time and has learned quickly to come, sit, leave it and a few others. We even took a road trip to Grand Forks to see my son and his mini-dacshund Dixie, and that went very well. Here are a few photos. - Emily

A Sweet Survivor

Ironically, the animals who have suffered the most at the hands of humans are the ones who are most grateful to the humans who lend them a helping hand. That was the case with Aubrey. We weren't sure there was a chance of saving Aubrey, a young female Tortoiseshell cat.

Loving Every Second

"I adopted Dutchess and Hillary, two FIV-positive cats, from the Central Dakota Humane Society in 1999. The biggest surprise I have had so far in caring for these cats is realizing how low maintenance they are. My cats are not on a special diet. They do have to be kept indoors, but I have been an advocate for indoor-only cats for about the past decade. Besides their annual checkups, I suppose Duchess averages a vet visit about twice a year. She gets sick more often and the vet takes a more aggressive approach in treating FIV+ cats. Hillary has been very healthy for the past four years.

Special Cats Share a Love In a Special Home

"I have the greatest cats ever. I know everyone with a pet always thinks that about their own animal, but I really do. My search for the perfect cats started about a year ago. I was fresh out of college and had just purchased my first home. I was enjoying my time with my pet rabbits, birds and my two dogs, but I felt like something was missing. I missed having a cat. There's nothing like a warm bundle of fur curled up and purring on your lap while you watch TV. Yep, that's what I needed.