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Loving Every Second

"I adopted Dutchess and Hillary, two FIV-positive cats, from the Central Dakota Humane Society in 1999.

The biggest surprise I have had so far in caring for these cats is realizing how low maintenance they are.  My cats are not on a special diet.  They do have to be kept indoors, but I have been an advocate for indoor-only cats for about the past decade.  Besides their annual checkups, I suppose Duchess averages a vet visit about twice a year.  She gets sick more often and the vet takes a more aggressive approach in treating FIV+ cats.  Hillary has been very healthy for the past four years.

Duchess is the climber in the house.  She also has the right-of-way.  Always.  She can jump from the floor to the top of the refrigerator (instead of taking the long route by using the counter), pull herself to the top of the fridge with her two paws and as the freezer door opens, she hurls herself to the top of the refrigerator.  Hillary has a few quirks of her own.  I use to call her my personal 'Wal-Mart Greeter' because she was always the first to greet me when I came home.  She has a purr motor that you can hear from across the room, runs like a rabbit, is best friends with my dog, Sunka, always yields the right-of-way to Duchess and likes to roll in the bathtub.

I could write probably another eight pages about how much love, amusement and companionship these cats have given me over the years, and considering that they really don't have special needs at this time, the label 'special-needs cat' is almost unfair for them.  I am relishing each and every second I have with them."