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A Sweet Survivor

Ironically, the animals who have suffered the most at the hands of humans are the ones who are most grateful to the humans who lend them a helping hand.  That was the case with Aubrey.  We weren't sure there was a chance of saving Aubrey, a young female Tortoiseshell cat.  Dealing with the anguish of burns and a serious infection, she had just been rescued from an abusive home.  A veterinarian confirmed her burns were consistent with those inflicted by a microwave oven.  Of all her many injured areas, her tail was by far in the worst shape.  It resembled a piece of beef jerky with a few tufts of hair, likely the result of igniting in the microwave.  Even though in pain and suffering from an infection, she was a loving, gentle cat, eager to please and fighting to live.  Since she was willing to give humans a second chance, it was only fair we helped her to have a second chance too.  We are glad to report Aubrey is now in a wonderful home, and although tail-less (she doesn't mind and neither do her humans), she's an affectionate, lovable pet.