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"Al" Renamed "Mr. Magic"

We adopted “”Al” right after the Labor Day weekend. Within an hour after we had him home, he jumped in my husband’s lap. He then went between my husband and my lap finding his way. Since then, he has been renamed to Mr. Magic because of his situation. (being a rescue kitty from the Minot flood). He is a wonderful companion and such a lap kitty. If he is not in my lap, he is talking to us telling his story. I recently had surgery and have to stay home for several weeks. He is constantly in my lap or trying to help me do things like stitch or work on my computer. He also enjoys company. Within a short time after company arrives, he is around to either sit in their lap or be petted. Mr. Magic is a wonderful addition to our house. We are glad to have him. Thank you.

- Mary and
Bill Sennert