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Dunkaroo Turns 1!

Dear CDHS Staff,

I just wanted to send you a couple pictures of our beautiful boy Dunkaroo. We adopted him almost a year ago (February 2011) from CDHS. Dunkaroo celebrated his 1 year birthday on November 2. Dunkaroo had a big birthday party with kids, family, friends and 4 other dogs. He had a great time!

His older dog brother Buddy just loves him! They do everything together from eating, playing, sleeping and walking side by side during walks.

Our main reason for adopting Dunkaroo was companionship for Buddy….And what a blessing Dunakroo has been! Buddy is no longer sad when we leave for work/school.

Plus, our family loves him so much and he provides lots of joy for all of us. We are so thankful for him!

Thanks for all you do.

Best Wishes,

Tami (Wahl) Ternes