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Here are a couple of pictures of Sweepea, AKA Marquee. We adopted her in December of 2010 just after Christmas. She was born at CDHS and was there for 8 months prior to coming to her new home with us. Sometimes black kitties get a bad rap and are not as adoptable as others so we wanted to do our part by taking one home. She is full of energy and entertains us every minute we are with her. As soon as I pick her up and put her on my shoulder, she wiggles and repositions herself so she is upside down in my arms and sprawled out as long as she can get. I have heard that a sign of a trusting and comfortable cat is one who exposes their belly. If that is the case, Sweepea is the most trusting and comfortable cat I have ever seen! She is pretty spoiled. She has a “toy basket” with a bunch of feathers, furry mice, and fuzzy balls that she can go over and pluck out whenever she wants. Very rarely does a trip to the pet store for food or other supplies not result in a new toy for Sweepea. Of course none of those toys are any fun to her without us waiving or throwing them around. When it’s nap time she can curl up on a very large pet bed in front of the fireplace or snuggle in a ball on the top cushions of the couch. When it’s bedtime for all of us, she can immediately be found rooting on my wife’s pillow. She gets so close when doing this that you couldn’t fit a piece of paper between my wife’s nose and hers. It’s a challenge for both of us not to bust out laughing at how funny it is but she is pretty serious and prefers to be whispered to while rooting. Ha! She is a crazy little girl that has energized our whole household. I just had to share because we want to thank CDHS for everything they have done for our community and provide some proof that what they are doing is working!