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Letter from Priscilla

Dear CDHS,

I wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know how I am doing and say thanks for taking such good care of me. I know I was somewhat “challenging” to find a home for but when you picked one for me you sure did find a good one! Now rather than running around frantically in my cage all day I get to go to work. I am not a huge fan of having all those people around but they are starting to grow on me. Everyone talks nicely to me and scratches my neck, I really like that. Also, my buddy Rascal works there and he helps me be brave. My mom says I am still learning to be a dog….whatever that means. Mostly she tells me that when she is serving me dinner under the dining room table which is where I prefer to have it delivered. I mean isn’t that what the dining room is for? Anyway, back to my work day. When we aren’t in meetings or talking to Rascal, I like spending my time safely tucked away at my mom’s feet.

When we aren’t at work, I get to go for walks and lots of car rides. Sometimes I get so excited about a car ride I get a little confused and jump in the wrong door ..….oh well.

After work and a walk with mom, we go home and I watch TV with my new dad. Where has American Idol been my whole life? Also, I get the best spot in the family room, behind the footstools and up against the couch. With my parents on either side of me I am protected from any danger that may enter the family room….... but the very best part is my orange blanky…..I love my orange blanky and will go anywhere it goes!

I also have a new grandma who baked me an organic chicken!! Can you believe it??? My very own chicken! I am not a big eater and a girl has to watch her figure but I had it mixed in with my dinner and boy was that tasty! So things are going well here in the big city and I am settling in nicely. Give my love to everyone!

Love Always,
Priscilla Chou (The vet told me I have a last name now)t