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Godiva is Making Progress


I received the card you sent. Thank You.

I thought you might like an update on Godiva. Attached are some pictures. She is doing fine. She has gotten used to stairs, TV, mirrors and closed patio screens. She is making progress with meeting strangers but still is afraid of barking dogs and large dogs. We go for a two mile walk, weather permitting, three to five times a week so she can meet people and other dogs. She still doesn't bark but this week I have heard a few "yips" when she is sleeping. She has learned to play with her toys. Loves to chase tennis balls, shake her "Fox Tail", etc. But I don't give her any "raw hide bones" anymore. She can't seem to find a hiding place that is safe enough. Not even in my shoes, potted plants, tax papers, inside her bed, etc.

She is such a clown and such a joy to have around.

Thank You,

LeRoy Sattler