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Craig has a new Nickname

Craig has a new nickname: Chewbaka or Chewbe. 

He is such a mama's boy, he follows me wherever I go. He is very affective and adorable, he loves to snuggle. Chewbe got along with our two cats Ronaldinho and Baby Sue right away. He's particular found of Ronaldinho, his big brother. He loves to go for long walks, enjoys fetching, and also likes being brushed.
He seems to be overcoming all the initial issues that he had: he is now friendly to almost everybody, and is not barking for people or other dogs in our walks; he is now housebroken, and even go do his business by himself (on command) first thing when he gets up in the mornings; he seems to be less scared of noises, although he is still scared of bikes, motorcycles or skates. We had help from Betsy Hamkens to start changing these maladaptive behaviors, and soon Chewbe will be enrolling in Betsy's training classes with other dogs, when we will work on socialization with others. 

Overall Chewbe adapted really well to our home, and he is a wonderful dog. I am very grateful that you chose us to be his parents! 

 Best wishes,
Isabel Oliveira