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Our kitty has the new name Azura


Just wanted to give you a quick update on the adorable little kitty we adopted. Previously named Brunswick, our kitty has the new name Azura— named for the Goddess of Dawn and Dusk from one of our favorite games, which suits her pure white fur. She made herself at home right away; more surprisingly, our first cat, Samhain, accepted his new sister very quickly as well! We were anticipating having to keep them separated for awhile, but that ended up not being necessary; and by the second night, they were already playing together. Although at first, Samhain treated Azura with the tolerance shown to an annoying toddler, he now seems quite happy to initiate play, chase, and tackle sessions with her. We were hoping for another cat that would be a good playmate and companion for our first, so it looks like this has turned out very nicely. 

Azura still uses her blankie that was sent home with her from the humane society, but has also become a regular fixture on any open lap. She is such a great addition to our household and we think she really loves it here. Thanks so much for matching us with the perfect new member of our family! 

Stacie, Josh, and Austin