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I adopted a cat you called Getty about a year ago. He was very sick and threw up a lot. The poor guy was very skinny when I met him and didn't have much energy. What he did have was the desire to be held and didn't want me to put him down during our intial visit. He melted my heart and I knew I had to take him home and help out this poor little guy. 

We named him Earl because he was grey (like the tea) when we got him home and scheduled visits to the local vet. Earl has a digestive condition that will unfortunately mean he may be on medication the rest of his life. He still throws up, but it is not as often as before and has put on some weight and is now a healty cat full of energy.
The bond we made when I picked him up at the shelter has grown and become very strong. I am definately his Daddy in his his eyes. He runs to the door and greets me every time I come home, as soon as I sit down he is on my lap, and when I am busy and he needs attention he will meow until I pick him up and hold him like a baby (that is his favorite). He will even jump up onto my shoulders and sit there if my lap is unavailable. If I am laying down he sleeps on me. He loves me so much!

He is very happy here in his new house in Dickinson. He gets along with our other pets, 2 dogs and another cat. And enjoys hunting in the back yard. From what I have picked up back there he is very good at it. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt such a great companion from you. Keep up the good work there.