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Brothers Forever

Sputnik and Cartel are settling in nicely in their forever home. (They are even kind enough to let me live here too!) They love to have company stop over so they can entertain everyone and are always a hit!

Things were pretty wild at first and most of my decorations and even photos on the walls have had to be taken down and hidden away for now but every day they make me laugh and smile and do seem to be calming down more.

Sputnik and Cartel run and play hard together but they are quite the cuddlers, too. I always seem to have one or both on me when I sit down or go to bed and they snuggle with each other sometimes, which is adorable. Though, big boy Sputnik (beast, as my sister lovingly called him) is always on top of little Cartel. Cartel is a tough little man, though, and holds his own and usually "wins" all of their play-fights.

The best investments I have made for these two (and me) is their cat tree by the front windows, which gets a lot of use, and expensive but worth every penny electronic timer bowls. I was getting pretty cranky being woken up at 4 or 4:30 in the morning every day because they thought it was time to eat (it wasn't!) so I got the bowls and set them to open for feedings every 8 hours. These bowls have brought so much more peace, sleep and joy to our home. :)

Thank you, CDHS, for bringing this little family together, we are all grateful! And so excited to have you moving to a beautiful new home in Bismarck soon! Woot woot!

Sputnik, Cartel and Dawn