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Kimba and Zuri

Hi there!

You might not remember us. We're Kimba and Zuri, a pair of Shih Tzu sisters that lived at CDHS for a little bit last year. On Friday, it was exactly a year since we went to live with our new family, so we thought we'd send you an update!

We're doing very well. We have settled in nicely, and spend most of our time lounging around, though we're very good about taking care of our chores, which consist of being cute, getting petties and picking on our brother, Loki.

We've learned so many things! We've figured out going potty outside, Loki taught us to enjoy car rides (though the McDonald's hamburger we all share once in a while was pretty convincing, too), and we like to go to the dog park.

Zuri's specialty is being very good at teasing Daddy when he's sitting in on the couch by wandering by juuuust in range for petties, and then dancing away after a few strokes, and Kimmy sits on the arm of the couch, taking in all the petties she can get. Mom says Zuri is the princess, and Kimba is the diva, and Loki, as always, is the troublemaker. Boys.

We get to sleep on the bed with Mommy, Daddy and Loki, and Mommy says Kimba snores like a buzz saw. Kimmy swears up and down it's not her, it's Daddy.

Zuri had a little bit of a tough time with anxiety, though she says she's doing much better now that she gets her 'crunchy cheese snack' every day. We don't tell her that the crunchy center is her anxiety pill. The only thing that really upsets her now is loud unexpected noises outside and thunderstorms.

Mommy said not to mention that she feeds us our canned dog food by fork every night, and if pressed, she'll swear up and down it's been very good for bonding. I think she just likes to listen to us burp. She's kind of strange like that.

Anyway, we're sending a ton of pictures. Mommy goes a little crazy with the camera.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us while we were at CDHS, and Mommy and Daddy say thank you very much for letting us come live with them!


Zuri and Kimba Murray