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Bravo (Braeburn)

Dear Friends at the Central Dakota Humane Society,

While I LOVE the computer as you can see from one of my pictures, I'm still improving my typing skills, so my Mom is helping with this letter. I am doing great and growing like a weed. I play hard, purr loudly, and love to cuddle. The pictures Mom has attached show me with my new big brother, Maestro. He is the best big brother in the world. We touched noses on day 1, and have been best buddies ever since. Even though when I met Maestro he was still very sad from the loss of his twin brother Divo, he opened his heart to me from the start. He teaches me, lets me follow him everywhere, and is very patient with me. He bathes me often, gives me lots of kisses and lets me pounce on him and chase him. One of my favorite things to do is to cuddle with my big brother in the cat bed. Even though there are two cat beds, I mostly like to be in whichever one my brother is already in. I also love the computer. In the picture Mom attached, I am watching Dr. Larry Skogen and Clay Jenkinson in their humanities lecture at Bismarck State College! I love my Mom and she loves me. Every other week or so, she gets all dressed up in black and white clothes that look like me! I love her music and I dance to it, help her with her score study, and I love to walk across the piano keyboard. I am very happy and healthy and so grateful to you all at the CDHS for giving me a great start that led to the perfect home.

With lots of purrs,