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The purr-fect cat

From the second Jubilee jumped on my lap while visiting the Central Dakota Humane Society, I knew she would be the purr-fect cat for me. She found all the good hiding spots in my house right away when I brought her home including drawers in the bathroom and kitchen. After a couple days, there was no more hiding as she had the house to herself. Jubie loves to play with her catnip banana that was given to her when she left the humane society. Even though I bought her a cat tree and a million other toys, there's nothing like her banana. Every morning when I wake up, I'll find toys in my bedroom that she has brought in and most of the time her banana is included. I love coming home to Jubie waiting for me by the door ready to play and hangout together. I wanted Jubie to have a friend, so we got a new addition to our family. Olivia was adopted from Pet Smart. Jubie was so excited to have someone to play with and help keep her company while I'm at work. Thanks to the Humane Society, my family is now complete! 

Jenessa Reinisch