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The picture is of Sasha at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I think she was helping Grandma make the bed. She just loves Grandpa cuz he puts a pupperoni stick in his pocket and she gets to take it out. As you can also see, she went from long haired ears to a cute bob. She is doing very well. For about the last month, she plays with the toys. The cat toys are much more fun to destroy. Sasha and her sister Snaffy (formerly Scarlet) chase each other. You’ll hear Sasha coughing only to see a tuff of cat hair hanging out of her mouth. Haven’t been able to get that video…..yet.
We’ve all adjusted very well. Things are going great !!! I will keep you posted. Sasha has been a great addition to our family. Thanks!

 Deb Kovash