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Murphy and Squirrely (formerly Dakota)

We adopted "Murphy", the black one, in July of 2007 and "Squirrely", the brown one, (formerly Dakota) in February of 2012.  They are joy and adventure!  They have found out that they can swim and love the river, they fetch, they play, they love us up, comfort us and provide great entertainment.  Did I mention that they are also "stashers"?  If we can't find something, and can find their "stash", the item is guaranteed to be there. Ha.  Our hobby farm provides them with many other "buddies", like chickens, cats, a duck and horses.  They go with us everywhere and are wonderful with our families.  Thank you so much for saving their lives and letting us love them up.


Keep on doing your terrific work.


Thank you.

Carmen and Troy Fitchner