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Brewster (formerly Abbot)

Brewster (formerly Abbot) has been a part of our life for 5 months.

I forgot how naughty and wild pups can be (lousy manners; pushes his way to the front of every situation).

I forgot how quickly they learn good manners when a treat is a real possibility.

I forgot how quickly they nudge their way into your heart (after you realize the shoe he chewed wasn’t one you really wanted anyhow).

And I never ever thought that our old girl Shelby would do more than tolerate this pest. And that she’s so much younger-acting – even playing with Brewster daily (although he still can’t lie down in the same room when she’s alert).

I am realizing that my life with Brewster and Shelby is the best (and, NO, two really is enough).  

Robin Martin