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Letter From Priscilla

It’s has been almost a year since I moved in with my parents so I thought I would write you a letter to let you know how everything is going. Well, let me first start with the bad…..I have to get haircuts!!! Can you imagine, it’s horrible, I gut buzzed and clipped and washed and perfumed and I hate it! AND they took all the shoes away!! I can’t help it if I love shoes and want to bring them all into living room and add them to my pile of toys. They smell like Mom and Dad and love everything that smells like them…gloves, socks, shoes, hats…I don’t understand why I can’t keep them all in my toy pile. It’s not like I chew on them, I just want to snuggle with them, oh well. Ok, that’s my bad list…now on to the good.

As it turns out I am a good dog, a very good dog, or so my mom says. For starters I don’t bark, not ever. I just think that sort of thing is for the uncivilized. I will however let out a little growl if someone is coming up the front walk. Despite what everyone said, I am NOT a runner. Nope, I stay close to my parents, preferably my mom, at all times even off leash. I really see no need to run. I mean where would I go and who would be there? And speaking of outside….they have SNOW here !! I LOVE snow!! I love to roll in it, run through it, dig in it, bury my face in it, I just love everything about snow. The cold doesn’t bother me one bit!

I am still terribly shy and have a very very small circle of people I will actually let pet me but I do love them all so! Treats are another new favorite of mine but I have to share beef jerky with my dad because those inferior “dog” treats they sell upset my tummy. I also get to go to work most days and I LOVE it. It makes my little doggy heart sing. I twirl in circles at the back door when mom puts her coat on. However, my mom doesn’t really understand my great joy at going to work since I am not fond of people but I just want to be with her. Because of my social anxiety I have moved myself into the living room and dining room where I can be alone. I have my big pile of toys and bed in there. I like to toss them around when nobody is looking and I have a great view out the front windows. I will join my family if I need something like a walk, dinner, water, pets, or to go outside but then when I am done I like to be alone in my living room. My parents think it’s odd but it makes me happy so they let me be. The only exception to this I have is bed time. I MUST go to bed
with my parents, every night, all night and I cry if I think they might not let me come with. So all in all things are good here. I have a schnauzer boyfriend Max who lives a few doors up. I like him an awful lot too.

I would say give everyone there a kiss for me but you know that’s not really my style but know that I send my best.