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Leon (formerly 'Gibeon') and Rocky

From the cats, dogs and humans:

Oh geez. We have another cat and dog in the house. We wish we could say that it was a nuisance, but these two are a great addition. Their entertainment is limitless. Just listen on.

I now can sleep on carpeted floors, and when my human companion allows me, I can also sleep in the bed. I live in a park so there are many visitors (including dogs), and we have constant amusement in our fenced yard. Some might say we’re spoiled, but I think bacon and cheese should be a constant fixture in any dog’s life. We also take frequent walks to the river so I can track pheasant and deer.

What can I say? There are three dogs who continuously try to humor me. Little do they know that I have discovered what they are made of, and I now taunt these silly fellows. I know they are harmless, and actually enjoy sunning in the yard with them and tossing a playful swat when I’m in the mood. There are two other cats too. The newest kitten, a stray that somehow ended up in the house, actually is a great little guy. We’re just like brothers. We fight, annoy each other, and cuddle in the end. What can I say? Life is good.


Martha Willand