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Hi Sue and others,

We have now had our sweet girl a year and a month.  She is a blessing to our family especially with the loss of our dear Snickers to cancer in November.

She is still a very shy girl but has slowly been trying to come out.  She still loves her toys and you will see a picture of just how much she loves toys.  When I bring new ones home she will grab and run.  Usually she hides them on the couch or sometimes in her bed.  It is so cute.  She appears to be partial to “green” ones, lol.  She will chase a tennis ball sometimes and is starting to play with the other dogs a little more.  She loves to go on walks and to play outside in the yard.

I want to thank you again for allowing us the pleasure of adopting Kassidy.  We love our special girl.  We are looking into a medication that we could give her for car rides but we want to make sure we get her levels up to average before giving her another medication.  If we ever get to that stage we will make sure we bring her to visit more often.