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Chalet Update

Hello Everyone!

This is Chalet the cat. I wanted to send everyone at the Central Dakota
Humane Society a note today, to let you know how I am doing in my new home!

Everything took some getting used to at first around here. I was really glad
I got to keep my bed and blanket from the shelter. It made my new home
easier to adjust to. Now that I have explored everything, I LOVE living
here! My new mom and dad are so nice and cuddle me all the time. I have
discovered that I really enjoy sitting on warm, human laps and watching
human TV. I love all of the attention I get. When my new cat parents are at
work, I sit in the sunshine all day. My new house has lots of puuurfect
window perches, where I can bask in the sun, while watching the world
outside. There are also baskets of blankets and clean clothes that I love
rolling around in!

Along with my new home, my new cat parents gave me a new name! I am going by
Millie these days. I think it suits me well and I even have my new mom
trained to give me a treat when I respond to it!

Thanks about all for now, but I'll be sure to let everyone at the Central
Dakota Humane Society know how I am doing again soon. I am so thankful that
they kept me and helped me find my new cat parents; they tell me they love
having me here and I love having them!  


Millie (Chalet) the Cat 

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