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Rosco (formerly known as Spar)

It has been a few months now since we brought Spar home (now known a Rosco). He has been an amazing and fun addition to our family. He is so well behaved (except for the pillow massacre in his kennel the first week) and we were surprised to learn how much he already knew...sit, lay down, speak, stay (and just recently, he mastered the art of ‘roll over’). It’s hard to believe that someone took the time to train him to do all those things, but yet he ended up in the shelter as a stray.

Rosco absolutely loves going for walks and for car rides, but you don’t dare say the words ‘car ride’ if you are not prepared to get in the car that minute and go for a spin! For a low-rider, he can jump pretty high when he knows he gets to go for a ride! He can also be pretty lazy when he wants to, and has taken over part of the couch as his own personal space. Be careful if you intrude on his personal space – you may get licked to death!

He has settled right into his new home and he makes us laugh every single day!

The Wiens Family