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Gemma Bailey (formerly known as Deli)

I have never before seen such a turnaround for a dog as I have seen in Gemma Bailey (formerly known as Deli). She has turned into the sweetest, most precious companion and her personality continues to come out more and more everyday.

It took Gemma quite a while to get adjusted to her new surroundings as well as other people (particularly men), but she continues to grow and trust with each new day. Gemma Bailey LOVES running around in her huge backyard, although we have had to alter our fences because the little pup could sneak right through them! She is learning how to play with her big sister, Abby, as well as the other neighborhood dogs and another Havanese that lives right across the street. At first, Gemma was extremely scared of leashes, so it was difficult for me to take her on walks. Thankfully, she has overcome this fear and becomes ecstatic every night when I take out the leash.

I’ve also discovered that Gemma Bailey has a bit of a fetish with feet, because she loves stealing all of my socks out of my hamper and hoarding them in her bed. Every night before bed, I take about three or four of my socks out of her bed as she looks up at me with her adorable “what did I do?” face.

Needless to say, Gemma Bailey has bloomed into a beautiful spirit and continues to thrive in her new home everyday. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to change Gemma’s life and give her the love and happiness she so truly deserves.


Madison J Runge