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Blaze (formerly known as Worf)

Hi's Worf...aka Blaze. Just wanted to let you all know how wonderful my life is! I love being outside in our back yard play area where I can chase bugs, watch the birds & race to the top of my climbing post. I wrestle with my cat sister & hide in the jungle & jump out at my dog sister & brother. But when it's nap time...I prefer being inside on the bed, buried in my fluffy blankets. I love to eat, & mother says I am getting to be a very big boy! I also try to be very helpful when mother is working by knocking things off the desk so she has more room to work. And I'm getting pretty good at typing on the computer with my paws. I don't really remember much about the bad things that happened to me when I was little & that is maybe why I am still scared of loud noises. But I do remember the kind people that found me & brought me to the shelter. And I remember all the kind people that cared for me there. If I had the addresses of all the people who sent chicken baby food for me, I would write to each of you to thank you! Just so my family knows how happy I am, I frequently burst into roaring purr sessions, which always gets me what I love the most....hugs & kisses!