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Big Boy (formerly known as Ailbe)

Ailbe (renamed “Big Boy”) has claimed his castle!

We were a little concerned at first about his deafness, but I’m quite sure he has no idea that he is missing anything! Big Boy is quite vocal when he wants something, and if we aren’t quick enough to respond, he gets louder! He has us trained quite well.

He prefers to take the highest spot in the house (happens to be the cat tree my husband fashioned for him!), as well as any spot by the window where he can keep his bright blue eyes peeled for potential threats. He especially keeps an eye on our chickens, and his favorite toy is one that has real feathers.
Big Boy tolerates our Poodle chasing after him, trying to play, but still views her as mainly an annoyance rather than a potential playmate. We are hoping he will warm to her as time goes on, but he is not aggressive toward her, so we’ll call this a victory!

The biggest hurdle with Big Boy thus far has been how athletic he truly is. An uncovered butter dish or glass of water is not safe! He can jump 4 feet strait in the air and not miss a beat! He has been a great joy to our girls, he loves to play with his toys and we typically get tired of the games before he does!

Thanks for nursing him to health, CDHS, we are grateful for him!

The Hamans
Amber, Dale, Kelly, Leah

p.s The other cat in the picture is our original rescue cat, Noel.