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Jake and Addicus (formerly known as Festus)

To all at CDHS,

Just wanted to share some recent photos of the dogs I had adopted thru CDHS.

Addicus (the large buff terrier mix) was adopted in February, 2004. His original name was "Festus." He is now 10 years old. He is a big teddybear.

Jake is the standard poodle. He was one of the 6 dogs I took when I went with CDHS to the Bowman/Scranton puppymill rescue in 2010. He is 10-12yrs. He is still shy in new situations. Jake is the happiest dog I have owned. He is full of pure joy at life.

I also work in rescue (Oreo's in Dickinson) and know how much it means to see the happy endings of your hard work.

Thanks for all you do!
Nina Kadrmas