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Our house will never be the same again!  Willow has come in and taken over our house as well as our hearts. She is starting to settle down and is getting used to the "house" rules. We are working on teaching her that the counters and anything on them are off limits.   


Willow and her big brother Jothee love to play together. When they are outside she loves to run up to him and pounce on him, even though he is almost twice as tall as she is. Dad and mom have bought her lots of toys, many of which she has had fun figuring out what is on the inside. In order to keep Willow off of Dad and Mom's bed, we had to make Willow her own blanket that she sleeps with in her own bed. Willow also loves to play with Karl when he is let outside. They run up and down the fence barking and playing with the other. However, when Karl comes into her yard, Willow plays a bit rough with Karl and knocks him down and nips at him. That, however, has not stopped Karl from sneaking upstairs with Willow and Jothee when Rosie isn't looking. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to bring Willow into our home! Thanks!