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Akira Rose (formerly known as Mara)

Hi CDHS Friends!

Amy (human girl), Chloe (our beautiful lab-collie mix) and I (the human mom) are SO EXCITED that Akira Rose (formerly known as Mara) has joined our family! Akira Rose now has a "tude" that mimics her girl's . . . Akira Rose and Amy think they are "all that"!

Our Chloe has entered her second puppy-hood. She and Akira play constantly and it both rejuvenates Chloe and wears the ole' gal down (Chloe and I are a lot alike . . . old gals with a little youth left:)). Sometimes Chloe has to step up and be the disciplinarian with the young pup . . . but we watch her show Miss Akira the doggie ropes. We are especially grateful that Chloe has been a part of the potty training process . . . like a toddler, some "get it" quicker than others! Although, Akira is very smart, she thought peeing wherever she happened to be was just more convenient. Now, she gets that a bear poos in the woods, dogs poo in the yard, and only humans get the luxury in pooing in warmth! Thank goodness for doggie treats as a positive reinforcement.

We are so grateful that you agreed to let Akira Rose be a part of our little family . . . thank you!

Marcy, Amy, Chloe and Akira Rose Aldinger