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I am finally getting around to updating you on Armani. She has settled in really well here. I affectionately call her "brat" because she has some naughty habits. She is tolerated by my husband mainly because I love her. She licks him which he finds annoying, but she rarely licks me. The kids love her and she definitely keeps us safe. We have to be careful when someone comes to the door, because she nips first and asks questions later. I definitely feel safe walking her after dark. She doesn't jump our fence, but will jump against the door when she wants to come in and reaches her paws and head up to take food left on the counter or table if no one is paying attention. She kennels at night without being told (her kennel is in the room of one of our sons) and is comfortable enough to be left out of her kennel for short periods now when no one is home. She was definitely an anxious girl when she first came and still exhibits some of that if I am sick or out of town. She knows "wait", "come", "sit" & "shake" and is working on some others. My adult brother wrestles with her when he visits and she loves it. Her favorite place is on a bed. No blanket left lying on the floor is safe, either. I can't tie fleece blankets on the floor when she is around; I push her off and she creeps right back on.

Thank you so much for letting her be ours!