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Katie Cuddles (formerly known as Sterling) and Kalina

Dear Paws Lovers!

I am so blessed to have been chosen, not once, but twice at CDHS. Katie Cuddles (fomerly Sterling) and Kalina have bonded with me and with each other. They keep me entertained. Both have been exploring my house, enjoying all the windows, the closets, and the laundry chute provides a fun sliding activity for Kalina. And they are such good helpers when it comes to household chores. 

All blankets are carefully inspected and kitty approved!

Katie and Kalina groom each other every now and then. They have figured out the sound of the garage door opening. They now know that means I am home. I am greeted every evening at the door by them. 

On a downside, Kalina has been waking me up at 2:30a.m. every morning...she needs some attention. I try to ignore her, she then 'washes' my forehead until I pet her and talk to her a little bit. I am hoping this is just a phase!

Life at my house is purrrfect! 

 Dolly, Katie & Kalina