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Dear CDHS,

Hi, this is Mystic's mom, Charlotte Fraise. As I said in my last update on her, she was crying and hurting so bad, I took her to Pinehurst Vet Clinic. They ex-rayed her hips and her legs, as it started in the hind end, and then her front leg was being held up (due to her old fracture in her elbow.) What they found amazed me! Thank God, her hips are excellent, BUT, she has an old fracture on her hind leg, which healed badly, as well as a BB pellet in there! Poor girl! Her first year of life must have been horrendous, having puppies when she was still a puppy herself, either being hit by a car, or beaten... they think a car, as it was both front and back legs fractured, probably at the same time.. and had been shot by someone with a BB gun! As well as being a stray, or dumped...All in her first year of life! Being brought to you shelter probably saved her life! I am surprised she still loves people! I know she loves me and is so very loyal to me.


She will probably be on pain pills off and on all of her life... the old fracture in her back leg was so bad, and healed so badly (I am not a vet but even I could see in the ex-ray how wrong it was!) I am surprised she can walk at all! The cold weather has probably brought most of this out. Right now, she is back to normal, and back to playing in the snow... it is so cute watching her eat it and play in it, rolling around while I am freezing lol. I am hoping once the weather warms up, she won't be in so much pain and I can cut the pills for a while. The vet said to let her play and run, as she will know when she has had enough.


She is my baby, she sleeps with me on my bed, (she is quite a bed-hog lol) and if I am busy, she sleeps on the bed with several cats curled around her lol. She is such a character, and so smart and amazing. She has piles of toys for tug-a-war and lots of chew toys, and even tries to steal the cat toys lol. She even plays tug-a-war with the one cat (the one she has adopted as her own special cat). Right now she is sleeping at my feet while I am on here... if the phone rings and I am talking, she starts begging for attention like a typical kid lol. Thank you so much for treating her so well while she was with you, for  speaking with me the one time I called in a panic, for letting me adopt her. Here is the video on my Facebook page of her playing tug-a-war with Miracle, her cat. 

Till later, 

Char Fraise and Mystic and the misfit cats