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Sabrina (formerly known as Portia)

I’ve received a couple of cards from Carrie, asking how Portia is doing, so I thought I would report. Incidentally, I re-named her Sabrina – I had already had one kitty in the past with a Shakespearean name, and decided that was enough, especially since she didn’t answer to the name Portia anyway. So she is now on what I assume is her third name.

Sabrina adapted immediately to her new home – she is not a shy cat by any means. She pretty much appropriates any available lap if someone sits down long enough. I was pleased that she has been, from the beginning, a very cuddly kitty. My last, greatly-loved cat was a cuddler, and I wanted that much similarity in a new pet. 

Unfortunately, as I think Lindsey has told you, she does have some health concerns, the more serious of which is chronic kidney disease. And with her being a rather poor eater, it hasn’t been easy to sneak the special vet food into the few things she prefers. But she has filled out a bit since she came to share my home, though I doubt if she will ever be a large cat. (I have been used to cats in the 15-pound range before; this little one is a contrast!). 

 Her exact age, obviously, is unknown, and kidney disease carries with it a somewhat uncertain life span. But then, doesn’t everything? I love her very much, and hopefully with good care she can last a long time and feel pretty well. My last kitty had diabetes the final four years of his life, and had had chronic kidney disease for a fairly long time before that. Compared with the twice-daily insulin injections I had for him, Sabrina is very low-maintenance – though she’s a bit of a “bed hog,” despite being so small! I’m not quite sure how she manages to appropriate most of one side of the bed, but she does. 

Anyway, she seems happy, and I certainly am.