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I am very happy to report that Charlie is doing great here. He had a little bit of a rough time adjusting during the first 24 hours, but he quickly warmed up. He has been great so far. We haven't had a single accident or him destroying anything at all! He does good when we go to work and is always super excited when one of us gets back home. He is eating well. 

He's already spoiled and almost exclusively sleeps on what has now become "Charlie's Couch". He gets tons of very long walks and it's necessary to tire him out. Also, he has helped us to rid the backyard of our bunny problems. I think overall he seems to really enjoy it here. He has been exposed to a toddler and a little bit with other dogs and he has done fine. He has the option to go out to the backyard with limited supervision, but he comes right back inside if we do not escort him. He's quite snugly and gives us lots of kisses and love. 

Thank you so much for the service you provide!! 

Morgan, Trent and Charlie