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Bella (formerly known as Macroon)

Hi There,
It's Bella, formerly known as Macroon. I've been with my family since November and I think I'm getting them trained pretty well. They're keeping my food bowl full and I have lots of toys that I sometimes play with. I do have my favorite mouse. I'm getting better at not biting, but I still have my little temper tantrums. I think they've all pretty well healed up though. I'm really glad that they took me home, it's a pretty nice place to be. I help mom with her work sometimes, if she forgets to close the office door, as you can see above. I think I'm doing a good job. Just wanted to send you an update. My birthday is coming up in a couple months and after a rocky start, I think I've had a pretty good year. 

P.S. (And we're happy to have her too. She's been a joy, except for the biting. Thanks so much for taking such good care of her before we adopted her. Bella's Mom.)