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Hi or Meow: 

On July 15, 2014 Carrie loaded me up in a strange smelling cat carrier for my new Daddy and off I went for a long, long car ride to the Red River Valley. I slept in the car as I was used to that after living in the shelter for 6 years.

I have a huge 17 lbs brother who is a rescue from a Fargo Shelter and it took awhile, but he became my subject. My folks with love and patience have mostly broken me of my stupid habit of biting the hand that feeds me. I have a middle name of “Louise” in honor of my late grandmother who was so feisty.

My favorite things to do are to sleep on my Twins fleece blanket, play with my many toys and hop into bed after the humans have gone to sleep for attention.

I recently celebrated my 9th birthday on the same day as my mommy and got a double dose of yummy chicken pellets.

My folks and I would like to thank the staff at CDHS for taking care of me, so I could finally get this”furever” home.


Linda, Dyson & Steeley