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Josie (formerly known as Joplin)

Dear CDHS, 

We just received your Thank You note and it was so thoughtful! It also reminded me to send you an update on our Josie (you may know her as Joplin). She has adjusted to her new home wonderfully and her injured leg has healed very well. She is learning "all things dog" from her older sister Bella including fetch, tug of war, and the art of begging. She has learned her basic commands including sit, shake, and lay down. She enjoys lots of snuggle time (especially when it is cold... she even sleeps under the covers in bed at night). She likes to carry a toy with her everywhere she goes and always brings at least one to bed at night. Josie loves our regular trips to Pet-Co where she usually suckers us into buying a little treat! We are so happy she joined our family. She brings us so much joy every day. We love her goofy personality and enjoy how much she makes us laugh. Bella, our other boxer, loves her little sister too! We couldn't ask for a better dog! Thank you guys so much for taking such great care of her before she came to her "fur-ever home!" 

Thank you guys! 

Jill, Josh, Josie, & Bella