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Rousey has certainly added energy to our home! She is slowly adjusting to our family. The defensive actions of batting hands away and biting are almost gone. We only see them these days when someone new visits our house. While she was well known for her boxing skills, she has started showing a very loving side. When the spirit moves her, she will jump up on my lap nudging and purring, seeking attention. She follows us around the house, sitting or laying near us. At bedtime she prefers to lay under the comforter and has made the left side of the bed her designated spot. During the day she follows the sun, but her preferred place is at the sliding glass doors where she watches the birds in the trees and the squirrels walking the fence. 

We continue to work on her socialization skills. Rousey would love to be friends with our cat Tootsie (14 years old). Rousey seems to equate friendship with roughhousing. Tootsie isn’t interested in wrestling with the larger Rousey so she heads for higher ground. We are hopeful this will work its way out. Each month there is less hissing and arguing. 

It’s hard to imagine life without our Rousey! 

Thank you for providing a facility that rescues animals in need and helps find them a home!