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Avery and Bandolero

They are coming around. Avery is now jumping into my lap for brief scratching sessions and face rubs. Bandolero is still a bit shy but he is warming up and Avery is showing him that I am and the house is safe. He is crouching close by watching as Avery gets rubs and scratches.

They now run through the bedroom - living room - kitchen and back again playing tag. 

Avery likes the bay window in the living room to check out the neighborhood. However, Bandolero prefers that tall dresser in the bedroom to perch on to look out the high windows.

They are both fascinated by the motion on the TV. Avery was particularly fixated when there was a commercial for the Humane Society and there were numerous dogs featured.

The other night Avery took a nap on a cushion at one end of the couch while Bandolero curled up and snoozed at the other end.