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To all of my friends at CDHS, 

I wanted to let you know that I miss you all very much. I miss our walks and rubs and especially play time with my special furry friends.

My new home is pretty OK. I have my own bed and toys and stuff, but I also have a new brother, Zander, and he is always trying to lay in my bed or tear the heads off of my stuffed babies. 

Zander doesn’t bother me too much though. He is always on the couch bugging daddy. I don’t go on the couch (even though I’m always invited), I have a really comfy bed and my mom keeps the blanket I brought with me in it. I still like snuggling with the blanket at bedtime.

I really love our fenced yard and the snow. I am always grabbing Zander’s back leg to make him come outside and play with me (he is soooo lazy). It’s really fun, we take toys outside and bury them in the snow or play keep-away with them. 

There is so much snow that we can almost walk over the top of the fence but we don’t. We look out at all the other yards and know we have the best toys and best treats.

Sometimes mom & dad go out and leave us home alone. They always lock Zander in the entryway so he can’t chew up the furniture. I’m too scared of the doggy door so I get to stay in my bed. Sometimes I get nervous and drag everything around me into my bed with me. It’s OK though, mom and dad don’t get mad, they just put it all back and get out the vacuum. 

One other weird thing is that there is always food in my bowl. At first I wanted to keep eating until it was always empty but mom has been teaching me to only eat when I’m hungry. That and every night me and Zander get hamburger and scrambled eggs with our food! Daddy browns 5 whole pounds every weekend and mommy warms it up for us at suppertime! It’s pretty cool. It makes it easier to leave the plain stuff alone during the day.

Me and Zander are pretty good friends too. Sometimes he scoots away from daddy and will lay on the couch right above me, kind of like he’s my protector. Mommy thinks this is hilarious because he is such a wimp. I’m glad he does though. Sometimes I even bop him in the nose just to let him know I know he is there. 

So my friends, I am getting used to my new home and family. They love me bunches and I am a happy puppy that gets excited when mommy comes home and shake my tail so hard that everything on the coffee table hits the floor.

Some day I hope to be confident enough to come visit and say hi, until then just know that I love and miss you all. Take care!


(and Zander, and Shelly & Clayton)