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Orbit Update

Hello Central Dakota Humane Society! 

Orbit here! It is coming up on four years since mom took me home, and I just wanted you to know that I am doing great and give you a long over due thank you for taking such good care of me while I was with you. I still love snuggles and sun! I have a new dad and he and I like to send mom funny pictures while she is at work (I added a picture for you too), and I spend a lot of time in my hammock looking out the window. Sometimes, when it is nice, mom and dad take me on outdoor adventures (if they don't, I meow at the door until they do)! Mom always makes me wear this stupid hat though because she says us red heads burn easier. My favorite adventure was when they took me on the pontoon to a sandbar; biggest litter box I have ever seen! And it turns out I love water! Well, it looks like mom is getting my Valentine's day treat ready so I better go make sure it's pumpkin; pumpkin is my favorite. 

Thank you again! And please say Hi to my old roommate and partner in crime, Dennis the Menace. I hope he is doing well. 

Happy Valentine's day!