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Cooper (formerly known as Jester)

We have had Cooper (formerly known as Jester) for just over a year. It took some time but Cooper has warmed up to his new home. Prior to adoption, he was literally terrified of everything and everyone. He would “pancake” on the floor and make himself as unnoticeable as possible. Since then he has come a very long way and now will warm up to new people much more quickly. He has learned to jump into the car and has grown to love car rides. The dog door that goes from the garage into the backyard is no longer scary to him. 

Cooper absolutely loves to run around the yard and play. He adores other dogs and plays with his cousin, Oakley (Golden Retriever rescue dog), all of the time. Cooper turned into a very energetic dog, he went from being fatigued (or at so we thought) on short walks at the CDHS prior to adoption to having nearly endless energy. He is very fast and unbelievably agile, which Oakley has learned the hard way by nearly missing trees and fences while chasing Cooper. One of Cooper’s favorite activities includes playing with other dogs at the bark park. If it were up to him, he would be the last dog to leave the park. 

This past summer, Cooper discovered that heading to his grandparents’ lake cabins was pretty much the greatest thing ever. At the lake, Cooper has other dogs to play with, water to swim in, people to play with him, and sand to run and jump around in.

We both have fallen in love with Cooper and could not have been more fortunate to have had the opportunity to add him as a family member. 

Thank you CDHS! 

J.P. and Nicki