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Sophie and Sam (formerly known as Andrea and Raphael)

Our much-loved 7 month old kittens are thriving! They are very
affectionate, looking for us every couple of hours to have a cuddle. We
have never known such confident, clean, good-natured felines, who seem so
happy to be with us too. When they play, or when we hold them, they keep
their claws sheathed, a characteristic we came to appreciate only with our
previous Maine Coons.

We attribute much of their wellbeing to the wonderful CDHS volunteer who
took them home as abandoned newborns, along with their other two siblings.
She hand raised these little guys for nine weeks. What a great start, and
then they were further socialised all together at the CDHS shelter.

Sam and Sophie have been very easy and fun to live with. They spend hours
playing with us and with each other. Most of the time, they are together,
waking or sleeping. They have great appetites and are growing all too
quickly. Sam and Sophie entertain us and have given us a new lease on life. 

Thank you all! 

Margaret and Marc