Ten Rules for Good Dog-Child Relationships

The following rules can apply to family and non-family dogs, depending on the situation and the dog:

1. Make it a rule that an adult must be present for any children to play with the dog.
2. Teach children never to run at or chase the dog - to let the dog come to them.
3. Teach children that they must move slowly around dogs - not to run.
4. Teach children never to grab, hit or pull on any part of the dog.
5. Teach children never to stare at a dog.
6. Teach children not to scream or yell near a dog.
7. Teach children never to try to pet a dog on a chain, behind a fence, in a doghouse or crate or through a car window.
8. Teach children never to step over or bend over a dog, especially when the dog is sleeping, lying down or eating food or a bone.
9. Teach children what an angry dog looks like and to stop playing with an angry dog.
10. Teach children how to make their hands into a "plate" to feed the dog treats.

Acknowledgement: by Betsy Hamkens, Positive Motivational Obedience and Agility Instruction, Mandan, ND.