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Cats found

Date found Breed Primary Color City
08/14/17 gray Bismarck
08/7/17 black Bismarck
07/13/17 Mixed Breed mixed Bismarck
07/13/17 mixed Bismarck
07/2/17 Unknown black Bismarck
06/30/17 Domestic Short Hair gray Bismarck
06/23/17 Mixed Breed mixed Bismarck
04/22/17 Unknown orange Mandan
02/18/17 Unknown mixed Bismarck
02/10/17 Domestic Short Hair black Bismarck
01/28/17 American Shorthair gray Bismarck
01/16/17 Unknown gray Bismarck
12/18/16 Domestic Short Hair gray Bismarck
12/26/16 Unknown orange Bismarck
12/5/16 Calico mixed Bismarck
11/22/16 Unknown black Bismarck
10/13/16 Unknown mixed Bismarck
09/21/16 Unknown gray Bismarck
09/5/16 Siamese white Mandan
08/26/16 tan Mandan