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Razi and the Beauty Salon

I thought I should let you know how Razi's doing now. I'll send a few pictures too. Since I worked Feb 27-29th, I didn't get her into the vet until March 1st for a complete check up. She was started on ear drops -- I brought her to the vet since her ears had black gunk and seemed red and infected. She had her ears rechecked on March 6th, when they did dental cleaning, trimmed her nails (one had been completely missed) and drew blood for her heart worm check. She doesn't have heart worms! I'm so happy. She was put on an oral antibiotic since her teeth were so bad. March 12th she went in to have her ears checked again, and her meds were changed. The vet thinks she may be allergic to the other drops.

March 13th Razi had her first "beauty salon" day. She was bathed, blown dry, cut, and had her nails trimmed with their little grinder so they aren't so sharp. Razi used to be so scared of people, but she was pretty good at the salon as long as I stood by her.

Since Razi and I have had all this time for me to do her ears, I was starting to think she must hate me. I'm the one that "had to hurt her twice every day," but when I leave a room for over 10 minutes, she starts barking and doesn't stop until I come back. She's fine if she's home with my husband -- anywhere else is noisy. My daughter tried everything to calm her. We will work on the separation thing after she's better.

She will "come" most of the time when I call her, and by watching her, we know when she has to go potty. She will start circling-chasing her tail- or panting a lot. Great clues to us, and she will go right away when we get outside--so she can come back inside. She gets along fine with Tia, my german shepherd--adopted from you also, and with all 5 cats. She's a little smaller than they are. She seems to hate the dog across the street. It barks ALOT. She's great with car rides. She's only gotten sick once, that was after her dental surgery.

I think she's doing great and learning fairly fast. We have long talks when I tell her I understand she hasn't had a lot of training but there are some things she will need to learn for her own safety. AND SHE LOVES TV. The first night I brought her home, and turned on the tv (42 inch) She stood completely motionless and stared for 20 minutes . Honestly! I timed it. It was so funny. She watches the weather channel with Kenny every morning.

I know this is getting long. She's so great! I could go on and on about how much we love her....even my daughter that hates poodles buggy eyes--likes her. Thank you for letting us adopt her. She makes our home feel "like a home" again. I was missing my poodle-Puppy- for so long, and now all those hugs and pets go to Razi!

Sharon Gray